February 29, 2024

Vintage Inspired Engagement Session

I am thrilled to share the photos of Carlee and Trent, a couple whose love I had the pleasure of photographing for the first time in Denver, Colorado.

The Unconventional

In a state where mountain vistas often steal the spotlight, Carlee and Trent decided to do something different for their engagement session. When they approached me with the idea of a vintage-inspired engagement shoot within the urban landscapes of Denver, I couldn’t have been more excited.

Vintage Elegance Downtown

Carlee and Trent envisioned a session that would transport them to a bygone era, capturing the charm and elegance of vintage romance against the backdrop of a Denver bar. From funky bar details to grunge-chic charm, every element of the bar contributed to the vibe they desired.

Choosing Flash Photography for a Timeless Glow

What made this engagement session truly stand out was the couple’s decision to opt for a flash photography approach. Carlee and Trent were drawn to the idea of creating images that exuded a classic Hollywood glamour.

Flash photography brought a touch of drama to the images, enhancing the shadows and highlights in a way that perfectly complemented the vintage theme. Carlee and Trent wanted their engagement photos to be a true reflection of their individuality and the fun love they share.

Check Out the Photos Below!

As a wedding photographer based in Denver, it’s always a pleasure to work with couples like Carlee and Trent who dare to be different. Stay tuned for more enchanting tales of love and photography in the coming weeks, as we continue to explore the diverse beauty that the wedding industry has to offer.

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