June 13, 2023

Capturing Magic at Northstar Gatherings

The Venue

Northstar Gatherings is nestled amidst the gorgeous landscapes of Idaho Springs, Colorado. A high-end mountain venue that provides an incredible space for weddings and lifetime memories. Recently, a group of talented vendors and photographers came together to bring to life an editorial, chic mountain vibe styled shoot at this exquisite location. Keep scrolling to see the magic created during this project!

Unveiling the Vision

The team behind this styled shoot aimed to capture the essence of an editorial, stylish mountain wedding. Featuring a beautiful floral display from Flower Disco who created a growing aisle and orange-themed DREAM. The table scape featuring tangerines and stunning orange name tags.

The Talented Models: Our models for the shoot are married in real life. The chemistry between the couple added an authentic touch to the photographs, as they effortlessly portrayed the love and connection shared by a couple on their wedding day. Their genuine joy and laughter resonated throughout the shoot, elevating the overall experience and resulting in beautiful images.

Community and Collaborating

I absolutely loved collaborating and networking with fellow vendors located in Colorado. I had the opportunity of connecting with a multitude of talented photographers. From sharing creative ideas to collaborating on composition and lighting techniques, the collective effort was super inspiring. We all got to add incredible photos to our portfolio.

Furthermore, the shoot served as a platform for vendors in the area to showcase their skills and offerings. Ashley Taylor Photography gathered a team of talented florists, stylists, makeup artists, drinks and stationary. The vendor team brought together a harmonious blend of natural elements, sophisticated details, and impeccable styling, resulting in a cohesive and breathtaking aesthetic.

Creating Magic at Northstar Gatherings

Northstar Gatherings was the perfect canvas for this styled shoot. This venue is only 40 minutes away from Denver, Colorado. Making it the perfect location for guests who still want to enjoy the city while attending your mountain wedding.

The venue has amazing space, utilizing both their indoor and outdoor areas to provide variety for your wedding guests. Whether it was the grandeur of the main event space, the cozy corners with fireplaces, or the breathtaking mountain views from the outdoor terrace, each setting provides a unique opportunity to showcase your style.


Through the collective efforts of Ashley Taylor Photography and the vendors involved, this styled shoot not only created magical imagery but also fostered meaningful connections within the creative community. Northstar Gatherings continues to inspire and captivate with its breathtaking beauty, ensuring that every event held becomes an extraordinary experience. If you are interested in getting married at this venue and would love to work with me, reach out here and let’s connect!

You can view the FULL gallery from this day HERE!


Flower Disco

Scarlet Gilia Creative

Peak Bev

Flick of the Whisk Cakes

Til Death Bridal

The Borrowing Bride

a&bé bridal shop denver

Greer Campbell

Jane Rhyan the Veil Collection

Ashley Taylor Photography

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